Do you feel the anger building,
Does it rise beneath your soul,
Does it shake your constitution,
Does it steal away your whole,
Does it sit beneath the surface,
Does it poise for an attack,
Does it drag you into darkness,
Does it paint your heartache black.

Do you feel the anger burning,
Does it scorch a wounded trail,
Does it set your veins on fire,
Does it blaze from top to tail,
Does it rage through harsh misgivings,
Does it burn your joy and light,
Does it char your tears and sorrow,
Does it singe your strength and might.

Do you feel the anger seething,
Does it seep from out your pores,
Does it dwell amongst your feelings,
Does it fuel your inner wars,
Does it torch your understanding,
Does it randomly ignite,
Does it sear your sense of justice,
Does it commandeer your night.

Do you feel the anger thunder,
Does it wake you from your sleep,
Does it shatter your existence,
Does it cause your soul to weep,
Does it fracture all your thinking,
Does it rupture in your mind,
Does it shatter all around you,
Does it detonate in kind.

Do you feel the anger waning,
Does it start to face decline,
Does it weaken in your presence,
Does it lessen over time,
Does it remedy with laughter,
Does it heal from high above,
Does it bleed forever after,
Does it dissipate with love.

© The Complicated Bunny – 05 Oct 2020

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