Chronic fear that eats away,
At everything I am today,
A pounding heart, a heaving chest,
A soul that only longs to rest.

An urgent wish to run away,
Too scared to move, I have to stay,
And face this beast that freezes time,
Without remorse, I face decline.

Tattered nerves, emotions flood,
There’s fire ants within my blood,
Burning, clawing at my skin,
I barely hold an awkward grin.

Eggshells crack beneath my feet,
The urge to fight, the urge to beat,
This enemy that won’t relent,
My energy is all but spent.

Panic, terror, life or death,
My mind is caught within a breathe,
Of giving up, of letting go,
Exhausted by this horror show.

Heartache, gut ache, headache too,
I’m trapped beneath a stranger’s shoe,
Crushing all the life I tote,
A numbing hand around my throat.

Then finally with sudden need,
My binds are cut and I am freed,
To breathe, to move, to gather in,
The life I need to start again.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Aug 2020

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