At The Edge Of Sanity

At the edge of my sanity I stand and wait,
For Saint Peter to answer that pearly gate,
Will he greet me with joy or ask me to leave,
Will he tell me I wasted my heart on my sleeve.

At the edge of depression I tumble and fall,
My mind convinced there’s no hope for us all,
While the world spews aloud it’s treacherous creed,
I wither and die like a noxious weed.

At the edge of my heartache I cry out aloud,
But no one is hearing me deep in this crowd,
I fight and I struggle, but no words can attest,
To this aching wound in my cavernous chest.

At the edge of my courage is laughter and fear,
It’s a joke I’m still stuck in this damaging gear,
I’m damned if I don’t and I’m damned if I do,
I twist and I writhe like a broken down screw.

At the edge of my anger I curse and I scream,
Is it all just a lark or a sick twisted dream?
The pieces all shattered, some burning in flames,
Just a shell of a person is all that remains.

At the edge of my soul is the source of my pain,
No forgiveness or love for the things that remain,
In the mirror I glare at a stranger, it’s true,
Will I know who I am when this journey is through?

At the edge of my sanity, I pray and I hope,
That someone will finally lower that rope,
And pull me to safety, protect me from me,
At the edge of my sanity, I want to be free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 12 Aug 2020

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