Diagonally parked in a parallel world,
Thoughts and emotions are recklessly hurled,
The sun is too loud, the clouds are too grey,
My mind is too busy, traversing the day.

Pressured to speak, my words run adrift,
Too high to be low and too low to exist,
Opposites yearning to take hold the reins,
Fire and ice consuming my veins.

Impulses stumbling out of control,
Frustration digging a dirty great hole,
Too tired to adult, too wired to care,
My eyes fogging over, entranced in a stare.

Nightmares, insomnia, robbing my sleep,
For most of the day, I crash in a heap,
Emotions tormented, my heart in a mess,
My mind left to deal with all of the stress.

Manic Depression, I’ll sleep when I’m dead,
There is no respite from the pain in my head,
That claws it’s way into the depths of my soul,
And rejoices at all of the life that it stole.

Stability failing, no balance in sight,
Night becomes day and day becomes night,
Tossing and turning, first up and then down,
Anger contorting a perilous frown.

Tumultuous silence, inaudible screams,
Night terrors, nightmares, anxiety dreams,
Sucked down the rabbit hole, waiting to hit,
The harrowing ground of this bottomless pit.

Shattered and broken, inescapable grief,
Helplessly watching, cause time is a thief,
That robs you of everything you ever knew,
Disrupting the image of you being you.

Diagonally parked in a parallel world,
Thoughts and emotions are recklessly hurled,
Hope and acceptance, it’s all just a farce,
I’m patiently waiting, for this too shall pass.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Aug 2020

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