Crushing weight upon my chest,
My heart is like an empty nest,
Emotions writhing like an eel,
I can’t determine what is real.

Head is pounding, mind is fraught,
With every pure destructive thought,
The Warrior cannot be heard,
The Wraith is screaming every word.

Wounds that ache without remorse,
I wish that it would run its course,
Falling through the depths of time,
There is no stopping this decline.

Throat and stomach feel the pain,
Of wretched guilt and great disdain,
Rumination in full flight,
There’s no escaping this dark plight.

Terrors, trembles, violent fears,
There’s no way to abate these tears,
Weakness echoed through the soul,
There’s nothing that will make me whole.

Fall down seven times, stand up eight,
Accept the hurt, accept the fate,
Then climb again into the light,
And leave behind the bitter fight.

Knowing it will come once more,
And leave me rotting at the core,
I use this time to grow and build,
So I can live a life fulfilled.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Aug 2020

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