Is this my existence or is this a dream,
And why do I feel that I’m watching a screen,
Where I’m seeing reactions beyond my control,
My voice in the distance, I’m stuck in a hole.

As the echoes grow softer, the message grows dim,
Like a black and white Tele, the picture is grim,
And the static it crackles and pulls me aside,
To a dark sullen place in my mind where I hide.

I can see what is happening, hear what is said,
And yet I am sitting alone in my head,
Waiting and wondering what it will take,
Until I am once again fully awake.

A shift of momentum, a tug on my sleeve,
And all of a sudden I enter reprieve,
But I know that it’s waiting there, bleaker than night,
To pull me back in when confronted by fright.

And so I must focus and channel my thoughts,
Or be stuck in a world that is lifeless and fraught,
With hollow emotions and reckless chagrin,
And a crippling sense, there is no way to win.

© The Complicated Bunny – 14 Aug 2020

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