Do You

Do you stand at the edge,
Do you challenge your fate,
Do you slip down the void,
Do you sleep wide awake,
Do you dance in the fire,
Do you lie in the rain,
Do you question your thoughts,
Do you wallow in shame.

Do you hide from the crowd,
Do you fight your way free,
Do you tread shaky ground,
Do you tremble and flee,
Do you frolic with fear,
Do you yelp with disdain,
Do you shatter and freeze,
Do you shudder in pain.

Do you ask for respect,
Do you yearn to belong,
Do you pray to be loved,
Do you crave your own song,
Do you scream for relief,
Do you cry to be heard,
Do you crash in despair,
Do you choke on your word.

Do you brood in your mood,
Do you trust in your acts,
Do you stumble and fall,
Do you follow the facts,
Do you summon your guilt,
Do you drown in the sea,
Do you ask for some help,
Do you set yourself free.

Do you grieve every wound,
Do you count every slight,
Do you splinter your mind,
Do you cower in fright,
Do you weather the storm,
Do you pine for your soul,
Do you know who you are,
Will you ever be whole.

© The Complicated Bunny – 09 Sep 2020

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