Frozen By Choice

Frozen by choice,
Surrounded by fools,
Masked and compliant,
Never breaking the rules,
Decisions in limbo,
Eyes locked in a stare,
I’m frozen by choice,
And I don’t really care.

Will I write, will I sing,
Will I run, will I bike,
Will I play the guitar,
Will I go for a hike,
Will I wallow in sadness,
Will I shuffle in glee,
I’m frozen by choice,
Aren’t you glad you’re not me.

Do I do or not do,
Do I be or not be,
Am I living a life,
Am I dying slowly,
Am I breaking new ground,
Am I missing at sea,
I’m frozen by choice,
And I’m desperate to flee.

Do I think, Do I feel,
Do I rage, Do I fight,
Will I always be scared,
Of what bumps in the night,
Am I kind, am I worthy,
Do my words speak the truth,
I’m frozen by choice,
And I’ve wasted my youth.

Am I frozen by choice,
Am I caught in a web,
Was it something I did,
Was it something I said,
I am hoping someday,
To be rid of these fools,
I’m frozen by choice,
And I’m sick of these rules.

© The Complicated Bunny – 19 Sep 2020

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