I Want To Be An Ironman

I want to be an Ironman and feel some inner pride,
Instead of hanging onto this bipolar-coaster ride,
My body needs an overhaul, it’s dripping with neglect,
It’s time to banish all the doubt and earn some self respect.

I want to be an Ironman and conquer epic dreams,
To swim-bike-run all day is not as crazy as it seems,
It may not be your cup of tea, but one forty point five,
Are miles I’ll gladly suffer for a chance to feel alive.

I want to be an Ironman and swim the open sea,
Avoiding arms and elbows is the perfect place to be,
I may not own a set of gills, nor veins filled up with brine,
But being in the ocean, grants me freedom every time.

I want to be an Ironman and ride with speed and grace,
My wheels spinning the rpms, as wind whips past my face,
I may not be the strongest, but I’ll guarantee you this,
The hills will not defeat me, I’ll be high on breeze and bliss.

I want to be an Ironman and run like a gazelle,
The lions may be hunting me, but I will give them hell,
My feet light as a feather, as I gather up the miles,
The finish line approaching, there is nothing left but smiles.

I want to be an Ironman with point one mile to go,
The rest I may have suffered, but from here it’s all a show,
The finish line lit up ahead, a thousand screaming friends,
All welcoming the warriors who made it to the end.

I want to be an Ironman and cross the finish line,
No doubt, no fear, no labels, it’s just me feeling sublime,
To hear, “You are an Ironman!”, there’ll be a tear or three,
Cause once I am an Ironman, there’s nothing I can’t be.

© The Complicated Bunny – 03 Oct 2020

If you would like to follow my Ironman journey you can read more about it at my other site, The Endurance Bunny, by clicking the TEB link in the menu. Cheers.

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