I Write…

I write to question the thoughts in my head,
I write to conquer the absolute dread,
I write to purge when emotions are high,
I write to focus when feelings run dry.

I write to channel the anger and rage,
I write to nestle the dog in its cage,
I write to battle the fear that I hide,
I write to wrestle the weakness inside.

I write to abate the terror and screams,
I write to unravel tumultuous dreams,
I write to control the commotion within,
I write to feel confident in my own skin.

I write to recover from wounds that are bled,
I write to deflect toxic jabs at my head,
I write to admonish the negative creed,
I write to rebuke the revulsion I bleed.

I write to balance the words that I speak,
I write to challenge the days that are bleak,
I write to remember that hope is alive,
I write to believe I can truly survive.

© The Complicated Bunny – 15 Sep 2020

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