Go faster, go faster, it chants in your head,
As the mania summons a wound full of dread,
You cannot control me, you cannot defeat,
The rage in your soul, never lets you retreat.

Talk louder, talker louder, your words are contrite,
No sense for the making, you’re caught in a fight,
Between madness and sanity, hope and despair,
You stare in the mirror, but find you’re not there.

Burn hotter, burn hotter, your anger a miss,
Still trapped between logic and treacherous bliss,
Your lies become legend, your truths become caught,
Between fact, between fiction, and every distort.

Move quickly, move quickly, there’s so much to do,
A world to be conquered, no sleep needed too,
You’re running on empty, there’s plenty of fuel,
For immaculate concepts, engaged in a duel.

Push harder, push harder, there’s no fear allowed,
When caught in the midst of this dangerous cloud,
Too wired to be cautious, too right to be wrong,
Every voice on the radio, bleeding your song.

Fall deeper, Fall deeper, you’re out of control,
You speed down the throat of that damn rabbit hole,
The brakes will not function, your mind will not halt,
Till you crash into pain with a thunderous jolt.

Cry softer, cry softer, the world doesn’t care,
You’re left in the dark with a blank empty stare,
The baton is handed from ego to shame,
There is no longer gifts of incredulous fame.

Stand slowly, stand slowly, be honest and true,
Misgivings are done, you have conquered the blue,
You’ll stumble and fall, then be risen in kind,
For that is the fate of an unbalanced mind.

© The Complicated Bunny – 09 Sep 2020

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