Too numb to be useful,
Too feared to be game,
Too still to be active,
Too mad to be sane,
Too small to be noticed,
Too deaf to be sound,
Too weak to be noble,
Too gone to be found.

Too hurt to be wounded,
Too torn to be bold,
Too cut to be bleeding,
Too hot to be cold,
Too brash to be cautious,
Too daunt to be brave,
Too right to be wrongful,
Too good to behave.

Too angst to be passive,
Too high to be low,
Too bored to be lonely,
Too go to be slow,
Too loud to be quiet,
Too short to be tall,
Too in to be outer,
Too stumble to fall.

Too strung to be drama,
Too chill to be cool,
Too odd to be precious,
Too fun to be fool,
Too dark to be wanted,
Too day to be night,
Too tough to be tender,
Too flight to be fight.

Too deep to be shallow,
Too fake to be true,
Too starved to be hungry,
Too red to be blue,
Too vain to be honest,
Too tense to be zen,
Too great to be phoney,
Too where to be when.

Too shook to be balanced,
Too trapped to be free,
Too crazed to be mellow,
Too scared to be me,
Too sad to be hopeful,
Too beat to be grave,
Too broke to be normal,
Too lost to be saved.

© The Complicated Bunny – 12 Sep 2020

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