Can I have my own feelings,
Can I have my own thoughts,
Can I choose my own friends,
Can I play my own sports,
Can I be who I want,
Can I choose my own style,
Can I walk my own walk,
Can I run my own mile.

Can I buy my own clothes,
Can I eat what I like,
Can I spend my own money,
Can I ride my own bike,
Can I fumble my words,
Can I not be a joke,
Can I hide in my room,
Can I not be misspoke.

Can I make my mistakes,
Can I learn from my wrongs,
Can I write my own words,
Can I sing my own songs,
Can I wear my own jeans,
Can I stumble and fall,
Can I count my own truths,
Can I catch my own ball.

Can I shout my own creed,
Can I use my own voice,
Can I curse out aloud,
Can I smile and rejoice,
Can I speak without shame,
Can I cry without tears,
Can I stand amongst crowds,
Can I conquer my fears.

Can I be my own person,
Can I feel my own heart,
Can I spark my own flame,
Can I not break apart,
Can I live my own life,
Can I set myself free,
Can I have your permission,
Can I just live as me.

© The Complicated Bunny – 09 Sep 2020

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