The Warrior And The Wraith

In the perilous depths between hope and despair,
A Wraith and a Warrior raged without prayer,
In a desperate fight for a soul that was wedged,
Between courage and fear on a treacherous ledge.

Not with weapons nor words, was this war to be fought,
But with torrid emotions and troublesome thought,
In the thundering darkness the Wraith would unleash,
As the Warrior mounted his noble belief.

For his strength was all bound with compassion and light,
While the other was shrouded in darkness and blight,
When the Warrior spoke, the Wraith would not yield,
So he listened instead and adjusted his shield.

As he listened he heard the soul wincing in pain,
But the Wraith was too strong, all attempts were in vain,
With the soul now entrenched in tumultuous cries,
The Wraith took control and exerted demise.

But the Warrior gathered his courage and strength,
As he patiently waited, he whispered at length,
Till the soul found a spark that ignited a flame,
And the Wraith was engulfed by incredulous shame.

Now the soul it latched on to the Warrior’s hand,
In a last ditched attempt for a meaningful stand,
But the Wraith wouldn’t quit, nor would he relent,
Till the soul was dragged down in a sea of contempt.

And for ages they battled, in a merciless spell,
With the soul being torn between heaven and hell,
The Wraith and the Warrior crusted with grit,
Both wanting to win, neither willing to quit.

Till the soul gathered hope and declared out aloud,
“I will not remain faceless nor lost in this crowd,
“I’m worthy, I’m willing, to shed all these tears,
“I will not remain voiceless, drowned out by these fears.”

As the Warrior listened, he gathered his might,
And he lunged at the Wraith in the bleakness of night,
But the Wraith wasn’t finished, his wrath fixed upon,
So the battle it raged and the war lingered on.

Now the years have all past and the soul is still wedged,
Between courage and fear on that treacherous ledge,
But the Wraith and the Warrior, dark and sublime,
Are still stuck sharing blows in this curse for all time.

But if I have my way, I will always keep faith,
In the strength of the Warrior over the Wraith,
For a war is not won by such poisonous darts,
It is won by a soul with the greatest of hearts.

© The Complicated Bunny – 13 Aug 2020

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