Black & White

I see the world as black and white,
As right and wrong, as day and night,
There’s not much room for compromise,
The shade of grey is not my size.

I see the world through tainted eyes,
Through hollow moods and darkened skies,
No glass half full, no golden ring,
Just paranoia creeping in.

I see the world as falling down,
Around me and my frightful frown,
A child without a loving home,
I guess my mind just had to roam.

I see the world as cold and cruel,
A savage place to raise a fool,
Who still believes in love and faith,
The Warrior will beat the Wraith.

I see the world with such remorse,
The stigma cripples in due course,
Because our views of mental health,
Are dark and dusty on the shelf.

I see the world in highs and lows,
Both spectrums full of crushing blows,
With no escape, no chance to flee,
Those labels who were meant for me,

I see the world in black and white,
And sometimes it may cause me fright,
But in the end, I’ll find a way,
To bravely face each coming day.

© The Complicated Bunny – 17 Oct 2020

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