The Crash

The upswing is over,
The high has run dry,
I’m left with this feeling,
Of wanting to cry,
It pounds in my mind,
With one hell of a bash,
I know where I’m headed,
All welcome the crash.

The energy draining,
On rapid decline,
The mania waning,
An ominous sign,
The cavern is calling,
And quick as a flash,
My heartbeat is stalling,
All welcome the crash.

The concrete is pouring,
Straight into my veins,
I wallow in pity,
At bitter remains,
My head once electric,
With concepts en masse,
Has fallen in silence,
All welcome the crash.

My body convulsing,
With anxious malaise,
My heart taking shelter,
In perilous haze,
The passion so fleeting,
It’s gone in a flash,
The agony beating,
All welcome the crash.

Just sleep through the madness,
A voice inside screams,
Relinquish the vision,
Of unanswered dreams,
You know you’re not worthy,
Your goals are but trash,
Say hi to self sabotage,
All welcome the crash.

No heroes to call on,
No love or support,
Just me and my pen,
And a witty retort,
My soul deeply wounded,
A treacherous gash,
The loneliness gnawing,
All welcome the crash.

The downswing is over,
The plummet has ceased,
At least for a moment,
I welcome some peace,
But still I am waiting,
For spectrums to thrash,
When the pendulum vibrates,
All welcome the crash.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Oct 2020

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