A thousand volts beneath my skin,
I’m not sure what I’m taking in,
My mind is touched by fire & ice,
My head crawls with a thousand lice.

So tired, but still my eyes won’t close,
I’m trapped inside a thorny rose,
That penetrates my wounded soul,
No thought nor feel, will make me whole.

I’m blinded by the guiding light,
The sun’s too loud, I’m bound with fright,
The balance starts to char my skin,
I’m pretty close to giving in.

My mind is fast, my thoughts are slow,
I’m yielding in the afterglow,
Of mania and mixed decline,
I wonder where I’ll crash this time.

Too many moods, I can’t make sense,
I feel I’m stuck upon the fence,
A fog so thick I cannot see,
The chaos that’s embracing me.

No clarity, no peace inside,
I swear I want to run and hide,
From everything that makes me feel,
I’m stuck inside a hamster’s wheel.

I’m up and down, I’m in between,
No chance of sleep inside this dream,
Shaken and stirred, with nightly pain,
Until I wake to zombie brain.

It’s mixed, it’s madness, on the shelf,
It beats me up like nothing else,
I fall, I crash, I rise anew,
What else am I supposed to do?!

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 Oct 2020

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