Confusion, contusion,
The wounds are so raw,
Rejected, neglected,
The soul feels it more,
Sensation, sedation,
Too numb to protest,
Restriction, constriction,
Compressing my chest.

Convulsion, revulsion,
I’m bound by a curse,
Frustrated, negated,
The stigma is worse,
Traumatic, rheumatic,
It hurts when I think,
Illusion, delusion,
I’m close to the brink.

Dramatic, erratic,
My bipolar burns,
Ignited, delighted,
The mania turns,
Elated, deflated,
An upside down frown,
Excited, shortsighted,
I’m losing the crown.

Dogmatic, fanatic,
Perfection is rife,
Emphatic, phlegmatic,
It causes real strife,
Exclusion, seclusion,
I’m lost in a fog,
Collusion, intrusion,
It’s all the black dog.

Elation, summation,
All drama aside,
Creation, formation,
It’s time to decide,
Inclusion, extrusion,
Just where you belong,
Incursion, subversion,
The war lingers on.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Oct 2020

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