My Little Bonsai

My little bonsai, sitting in a pot,
Trim here, tie there, twist in a knot,
Limbs so eloquent reaching for hope,
To save my soul from a slippery slope.

My little bonsai, cute as can be,
Move here, flow there, zen to a T,
Lovingly shaped with a delicate feel,
Restores my world with balance & zeal.

My little bonsai, larger than life,
Prune here, mist there, save me from strife,
Growing so strong with elegant grace,
Always bringing a smile to my face.

My little bonsai, token of peace,
Breathe here, sigh there, stressors release,
Embrace my room with an aura of light,
Protect me from the darkness at night.

My little bonsai, miniature tree,
Mind here, thoughts there, feelings set free,
Small but mighty, always stand tall,
My little bonsai, symbol for all.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Oct 2020

My Little Bonsai

In a recent discussion with my psychologist (JB) it was suggested that I buy a bonsai tree (or ten!).

I have a real love for Asian zen gardens and while I hope to some day have one on a larger scale, JB suggested in the meantime that I might create a miniature version in my bedroom.

It was like a “Well, hell yeah!” moment, because I love bonsai, so straight after my therapy session I went to the nursery and bought the above beauty, a Ping Juniper, now affectionally called Ping.

So currently I’m reading all about caring for bonsai indoors and I hope to eventually cultivate my own. I will no doubt add a few more to the collection in the coming weeks.

I will keep you updated on Ping’s growth spurts and blog about any new additions to my miniature zen garden.

Also big thanks to JB who always seems to know what I need, when I need it. I am blessed to have him on my team!

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