Chemically Challenged

Chemically challenged,
I cannot compete,
This journey has knocked me,
Straight off of my feet,
It’s tragic, I’m lonely,
This life isn’t fun,
Chemically challenged,
I’ve nowhere to run.

Emotionally damaged,
The wounds gape aloud,
I’m so disillusioned,
Placating this crowd,
There’s no words to fathom,
The truth that I hide,
Emotionally damaged,
I’m broken inside.

Neurologically calloused,
I’m stuck in my head,
My body is writhing,
My thoughts full of dread,
Are dragging me over,
A treacherous ledge,
Neurologically calloused,
I’m glued to the edge.

Soulfully distant,
The further I run,
The less chance of facing,
The petulant one,
Who charts my existence,
With fear and despair,
Soulfully distant,
I’m not really there.

Thoughtfully aching,
My heart in distress,
It feels as if nothing,
Will sweep up this mess,
I’ve never known comfort,
I’ve only known pain,
Thoughtfully aching,
It drives me insane.

Chemically challenged,
Control what you can,
The meds are exhausting,
I need a knew plan,
I’m desperately holding,
The end of my rope,
Chemically challenged,
Please give me some hope.

© The Complicated Bunny – 02 Nov 2020

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