On The Worst Of All Days

On the worst of all days…

There are flowers to smell,
There are flavours to taste,
There are stories to tell,
There are visions to see,
There are trails to go hike,
There are sunsets to glance,
There are roads to go bike.

In the worst of all moods…

There are books to be read,
There are verses to write,
There are things to be said,
There are songs to be sung,
There are lines to be blurred,
There are movies to watch,
There are jokes to be heard.

At the worst of all times…

There are choices to make,
There are treasures to hold,
There are wounds to forsake,
There are plans to prepare,
There are wrongs to protest,
There are wonders to see,
There are goals to invest.

In the worst of all lows…

There are hurts to erase,
There are options to choose,
There are rainbows to chase,
There are dreams to indulge,
There are layers to peel,
There are thoughts to provoke,
There are passions to feel.

On the worst of all days…

There is light in the dark,
There is comfort in hope,
There is spirit in spark,
There is heat from the earth,
There is warmth from the sun,

On the worst of all days…

There is life to be won.

© The Complicated Bunny – 09 Nov 2020

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