Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning,
Fire and ice,
It’s nights like these,
Where I relish my slice,
Of agony, ecstasy,
Heaven and hell,
The air is electric,
I’m caught in its spell.

Thunder and lightning,
Chaos and calm,
Before I hit bottom,
I open my palm,
Of triumph and tragedy,
Safety and fear,
These cards that I play,
To the end, I hold dear.

Thunder and lightning,
Glory and grief,
Before running too hot,
I am granted relief,
From action and apathy,
Struggles and peace,
I’m reminded my feelings,
Are stuck in a crease.

Thunder and lightning,
Pleasure and pain,
I wonder how much of,
My soul does remain,
Through courage and cowardice,
Challenge and quest,
The edge that I balance,
Is fragile at best.

Thunder and lightning,
Narrow and vast,
Do I jog to the future,
Or sprint from the past,
From insult to injury,
Joy to regret,
This whole way of living,
Is not over yet.

Thunder and lightning,
Darkness and light,
I come for the intrigue,
And stay for the plight,
Am I free to be bound,
Or bound to be free,
Thunder and lightning,
It’s me versus me.

© The Complicated Bunny – 12 Nov 2020

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