The Vortex

Raging rapids beyond our control,
Collecting debris where ever they roll,
Surrounding a vortex of ravenous need,
That devours our all, as we wither and bleed.

Turbulent waters, an eddy of fear,
Come to consume everything you hold dear,
An eye for subversion, sent forth to destroy,
Any hope that you had, of finding true joy.

A whirlpool of madness that suffocates time,
You try to escape, but it has you in line,
Thrashing asunder your heart and your soul,
It’s cavity building to swallow you whole.

Swirling frustrations, emotions so fraught,
They pull you back into anomalous thought,
Twisting and writhing, your feelings afloat,
The vortex is dragging you down by the throat.

Swim with the current, against will not do,
It causes exhaustion and moods to turn blue,
So paddle along till your freedom’s in sight,
Then lunge for the surface, embracing the light.

And if you break free of the vacuous spin,
Remember the triggers that first pulled you in,
You deserve so much more than a lifetime of pain,
Let the vortex reveal its own annals of shame.

© The Complicated Bunny – 19 Nov 2020

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