The world moves ahead,
For the millions in line,
But meanwhile I feel,
I’ve been frozen in time,
As society prospers,
With progress and mirth,
I stumble and fall,
To the ends of the earth.

Reapers and creepers,
The pale horse of death,
Have more motivation,
In one solemn breathe,
Than I feel in a lifetime,
Of sorrow and pain,
I writhe in the darkness,
It drives me insane.

As the years blaze ahead,
I am drawn to rehearse,
The promise of hope,
That delivers a curse,
Of chaos and mayhem,
Confusion runs rife,
I’m caught in a vacuum,
Of worry and strife.

This treacherous ledge,
That I know all too well,
Seduced and beguiled,
By duplicitous hell,
Reminds me how fragile,
And fractured a mind,
Can think the absurd,
When it’s caught in a bind.

Emotions and thought,
A tumultuous team,
That stimulates farce,
In the wildest of dream,
The committee at war,
In a tormented head,
All bitter and twisted,
And left for the dead.

So when will it end,
This journey of blight,
Running deep in my veins,
In the shadow of night,
Bewildered and torn,
Longing for the sublime,
As the world passes by,
I’m still frozen in time.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Nov 2020

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