I jump you say sit,
I sit you say jump,
I topple to earth,
With an almighty thump,
The rules remain murky,
I’m stuck in the muck,
Of challenging truths,
I mean, what the f—k?

You smile in a minute,
And scream in the next,
There’s no need to shout,
It’s your eyes that perplex,
I bend over backwards,
To placate some luck,
Your words condescending,
I mean, what the f—k?

And boundaries, forget it,
They do not exist,
Controlling my life,
Is a pleasure you twist,
Disapproval, annoyance,
Dismissive you cluck,
Can I have my own life,
I mean, what the f—k?

Your love has a motive,
Your hate has no wealth,
I’m torn between liking,
And loathing myself,
For being a pawn,
In a game I am stuck,
Forlorn and frustrated,
I mean, what the f—k?

And when the time comes,
I am free to make choice,
Will I heal from the trauma,
Or still hear your voice,
Will my heart be my own,
Or will life run amok,
Will I ever be happy,
I mean, what the f—k?

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 Nov 2020

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