Dying To Live

From the moment of birth,
We are dying to live,
A purpose, a home,
And a reason to give,
Without true connection,
Without giving back,
A path with no meaning,
Just follows the pack.

Our sense of self wavers,
And in time we find,
The source of our anguish,
Just cripples our mind,
We cannot see forward,
We cannot break free,
And so we are stuck,
Blind to all that we see.

But then a time comes,
When your soul says enough,
I’m through with the struggle,
And doing it tough,
It’s time for reflection,
There’s nothing to lose,
Except an existence,
That’s based on a ruse.

So gather your demons,
And challenge their lie,
Are you busy with living,
Or waiting to die,
Are you chasing the future,
Or fleeing the past,
Are you slowly decaying,
Or striving to last.

Now follow your compass,
And point it true north,
For the pains you endured,
Had you swaying off course,
Your head needs some guidance,
Your heart knows the way,
Don’t doubt it’s potential,
To brighten your day.

So work hard to conquer,
The greatness you see,
For nothing worth having,
Was handed for free,
You have it within you,
There’s no time to rest,
Just ditch the excuses,
And give it your best.

And when the time comes,
Let your fears drift apart,
For daring and courage,
You had from the start,
You found your connection,
And reasons to give,
From the moment of birth,
You were dying to live.

© The Complicated Bunny – 28 Nov 2020

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