Thank You

Devoid of identity,
Caught in a bind,
The dog gnawing down,
On my stubborn behind,
Tremendous frustration,
Chaotic pretence,
My life tangled up,
In a barbed wire fence.

Stuck in a drama,
A prisoner of thought,
With no way to fashion,
A witty retort,
Emotions are stunted,
Survival kicks in,
A glutton for taking it,
All on the chin.

But then time delivers,
A meltdown of such,
You’re driven to realise,
It’s all been too much,
So against prior judgment,
You reach out your hand,
For guidance to travel,
This treacherous land.

And in a short while,
You find comfort and hope,
That tightens your grip,
On the end of your rope,
Your mood starts to lift,
As your mind starts to climb,
You pretty soon realise,
There’s plenty of time.

Time to move forward,
And anchor your boat,
Time to stop feeling,
Your life is afloat,
Time to start changing,
Those struggles within,
Time to stop taking,
It all on the chin.

So if you are part,
Of this shift for my sake,
The help that was needed,
To shake me awake,
The voice of true wisdom,
The reason I’ll shine,
Feel free to go breaking,
My brain anytime.

© The Complicated Bunny – 30 Nov 2020

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