No Change

It’s been a good while since,
I chomped on some verbs,
I honestly thought,
I had run out of words,
The heart has been distant,
The thoughts have been dull,
The mind’s been sporadic,
With little to mull.

So what’s been the drama?
And who’s been at fault?
Did I tire of writing?
Did I empty my vault?
Have I lost all direction?
Am I still pointing true?
Has my voice been usurped?
Is there anything new?

Has there been any change?
That depends on your slant,
I still have bipolar,
So there’s that old rant,
The dog is still chomping,
On parts of my soul,
And P.T.S.D.?
Just a warped rabbit hole.

So what’s been the goss?
What is real, what is fake,
Well I joined a new gym,
But I’m yet to partake,
Christmas was brutal,
And New Year’s was worse,
My mind’s been cemented,
In zombie brain curse.

So I opted for passive,
Distraction and mirth,
To help keep the chaos,
From ending my birth,
For it’s out of the flames,
I will rise to defeat,
This pitiful slumber,
That had me retreat.

So to answer the folly,
No, nothing has changed,
I’m still fighting daily,
The hidden deranged,
That pulls me apart,
Like an ominous crowd,
Let’s hope there’s a rainbow,
Just under that cloud.

© The Complicated Bunny – 18 Jan 2021

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