I Wonder

I wonder what’s next,
When we launch from the edge,
Will there be a new life,
With no memory to dredge,
Will we shuffle or dance,
Off this dim mortal coil,
Is there peace to be had,
Or just infinite toil.

I wonder what’s next,
When I’m all out of time,
Have I struggled through hell,
With no reason nor rhyme,
Has all been for naught,
As I stumble and fall,
Was it all just a joke,
Did I matter at all.

I wonder what’s next,
Was it all just a farce,
First life and then death,
Beyond frivolous parse,
Was it just a rehearsal,
For better to come,
Or is this all there is,
Nothing more to be done.

I wonder what’s next,
Will it end with a song,
Will I fade from the shadows,
Did I ever belong,
Was it worth all the sorrow,
Was time just a blight,
Full of pain and neglect,
In a meaningless flight.

I wonder what’s next,
Should I hammer a plea,
That shoots for nirvana,
To save me from me,
Am I destined to fly,
Will I ever be free,
To walk in the light,
Without reason to flee.

So what happens next,
Am I doomed to repeat,
Mistakes of this life,
In a sick twisted feat,
That traps me in fire,
For ever and more,
I wonder what’s next,
Will I even the score.

© The Complicated Bunny – 28 Jan 2021

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