Monday’s The Day

So Monday’s the day,
I am back in the fray,
With mental health dealings and such,
Psychiatrist first,
To settle the thirst,
Of a manic depressive in touch,
With fire and ice,
That runs into strife,
A chasm of struggles to face,
Aghast with dismay,
I hope it’s the day,
I finally shed the disgrace.

The black dog is cloaked,
His claws in my throat,
I hope this new doc is the best,
To summon the pharm,
That keeps me from harm,
While I lie awake soaked in distress,
I’ve waited so long,
To find a new song,
This record’s been broken awhile,
It’s hard to relax,
My memory taxed,
Frustrated and thrown on the pile.

And so I lay hope,
I fastened my rope,
As I trust in a stranger agog,
A truth to confess,
Is scary no less,
When you’re stuck in a perilous fog,
I do not pretend,
To be on the mend,
Confusion cuts raw to the bone,
But I will abide,
And holster my pride,
To temper my judgment and tone.

So Monday’s the day,
I am back in the fray,
With mental health dealings to tell,
Psychiatrist done,
Now enter the one,
Who knows my shenanigans well,
I smile at first thought,
I’ve missed your retort,
Our witty exchange of the cray,
It’s hard to refrain,
As we laugh I feel sane,
And it ends up a much better day.

© The Complicated Bunny – 29 Jan 2021

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