Lizard Brain

Riding waves of fire and ice,
Always doomed to pay the price,
Rapid speech not quite insane,
Compressed inside my lizard brain.

Feelings shattered, moods astringed,
Tormented anguish, comes unhinged,
Infected struggles that pertain,
Encased inside my lizard brain.

Two steps forward, ten steps back,
All poised and ready for attack,
Depression rides the bullet train,
That speeds inside my lizard brain.

Wars that rage beneath my skin,
Of fight and flight, I am akin,
To anger, fear and what remain,
Still trapped inside my lizard brain.

The sabotage I know so well,
That punches past the final bell,
Unleashes fury once contained,
From deep inside my lizard brain.

And manic slumber I attest,
Constricting grief within my chest,
Washes dreams into the drain,
No hope inside my lizard brain.

Restless nights, I hear the sound,
Of anxious heartbeats breaking ground,
Within a mind that can’t abstain,
From life inside my lizard brain.

© The Complicated Bunny – 31 Jan 2021

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