The Dance

A sweltering night,
And I cannot write,
I’m sweaty and bothered and blue,
My thoughts gone awry,
I’m thirsty and dry,
I feel like I’m broken in two.

Not happy or sad,
Not mellow or mad,
My mind wanders lost in a fog,
There’s silence but wait,
A noise hits the gate,
No doubt it’s the neighbourhood dog.

I’m trying to think,
But words never sink,
When trying too hard to be smart,
I itch and I scratch,
And stumble to catch,
My prose, when it’s falling apart.

Just one or two sips,
To loosen the lips,
Dear God, how I wish I could drink,
But how would that be,
If I set myself free,
I may end up locked in the clink.

Some humour you see,
Is all there can be,
When troubles are spread in your hand,
I’m flat out of time,
My meds in decline,
My eyes feeling heavy with sand.

And so I must go,
With thoughts cranking slow,
And nightmares awaiting my stance,
It’s funny you see,
I never can flee,
But I’m glad, I’m not missing the dance.

© The Complicated Bunny – 16 Feb 2020

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