And So It Begins

And so it begins,
With just showing up,
A diet, some training,
A dash of good luck,
My health on the skids,
There’s nothing to lose,
It’s time to swap fear,
For the old running shoes.

And so it begins,
To move is to heal,
From nineteen whole years,
Of denying what’s real,
No longer depending,
On hope to find me,
I’m after adventure,
So set my soul free.

And so it begins,
A hunger to change,
To form a new habit,
Although it seems strange,
Say no to the chocolate,
And yes to the bike,
Or better yet go on
A zen nature hike.

And so it begins,
With anxiety perched,
It sits in my throat,
Like a devil besmirched,
But keep it together,
There’s miles to be had,
An athlete in training,
No time to be sad.

And so it begins,
On an auspicious day,
The hole’s pretty deep,
But I’m climbing my way,
There’s mountains to conquer,
A challenge to win,
So pass me my goggles,
It’s time for a swim.

And so it begins,
I’m no longer asleep,
With eyes fully open,
I fall in a heap,
Exhausted but happy,
Contented and glad,
Determined this time,
It will not be a fad.

And so it begins,
Self sabotage and such,
But this time I’m onto
Your treacherous touch,
I know it’s your words
In my head, that I sift,
So just bugger off,
I have dumbbells to lift.

And so it begins,
One day at a time,
Tough moments ahead,
But I know I will shine,
Just stay in the present,
Make peace with the past,
And keep working smart,
So your legs become fast.

And so it begins,
With just showing up,
I’ll put in the training,
I won’t need no luck,
My life will have meaning,
As each moment brings,
Some courage and laughter,
And so it begins.

© The Complicated Bunny – 21 Feb 2021

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