The Wheel Of Success

How many cogs does a wheel really need?
Do we start with just one and then add on some speed?
Is living with mental health issues a stress?
Well I guess we need cogs, on our wheel of success.

The first cog is you, grinding hills in one gear,
A solo adventure with nowhere to steer,
Anxious and manic and full of distress,
You need some more cogs, on your wheel of success.

And so comes the second, a doctor with meds,
A cocktail of such, but it levels the head,
So the grinding uphill is a little bit less,
Still needing more cogs, on your wheel of success.

Cog number three, gets you out of that grind,
Psychologist smarts, sent to work with your mind,
The bipolar puzzle no longer a guess,
Add a couple more cogs, to your wheel of success.

The fourth cog at last, it’s your psychiatrist,
Who summons your meds, with a flick of his wrist,
The hill you were climbing begins to digress,
Still need a few cogs, on that wheel of success.

Cogs five & six and it’s breakthroughs galore,
Friends and some training means time to explore,
You summit the hill to the sunshine’s caress,
Only one cog to go, on your wheel of success.

Cog number seven, the Warrior’s flow,
Protecting your soul from a treacherous foe,
Believe in yourself, there’s no need to impress,
As long as there’s cogs, for your wheel of success.

© The Complicated Bunny – 23 Feb 2021

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