And Just Like That

And just like that it crashes down,
A smile implodes into a frown,
The happiness once felt inside,
Is crushed by the bipolar ride.

And just like that I’m broken shards,
Relinquishing my house of cards,
Bereft of hope, I start to bawl,
There’s nothing left to break my fall.

And just like that I feel a sting,
There’s fire ants beneath my skin,
That plagiarise a brutal truth,
The world has torn apart my youth.

And just like that, I ruminate,
As feelings start to dissipate,
Into an all familiar numb,
I feel as if I’ve come undone.

And just like that I cannot hear,
The voice of reason standing near,
My head is filled with rapid noise,
Unsettled by the stagnant poise.

And just like that I cannot sleep,
Instead I’m crumpled in a heap,
Wounded, with my soul aghast,
The tide of pain approaching fast.

And just like that I hit the shore,
Familiar places to explore,
The comfort zone which bottoms out,
Into a rising sea of doubt.

And just like that the words I spill,
Dissociate beneath my will,
Is all this real, am I okay,
Or was I thrown into the fray.

And just like that it’s fight or flight,
I cannot flee the darkened night,
I’m locked in battle in my head,
My thoughts are full of hate and dread.

And just like that the bitter means,
Which turn my anger into screams,
Negotiate the rapid waves,
My head explodes in fits of rage.

And just like that my tears befall,
A sullen convoluted brawl,
That rips my very soul in two,
And turns my joy the colour blue.

And just like that I start to write,
In times like these, my only light,
Is purging these tormented scenes,
That grip the nature of my dreams.

And just like that I hold to hope,
That I can find my knotted rope,
And climb again, to make a start,
On piecing back, my broken heart.

© The Complicated Bunny – 04 Mar 2021

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