The Mania Horse

A horse is a horse,
Of course, of course,
Unless it’s a horse,
Of a different source,
A troublesome brute,
With some danger to boot,
I’m riding it’s nature by force.

A ride is a ride,
Till you’re flicked to the side,
Berated by stride,
You’ve been handed your pride,
This mania steed,
Has an urge to be freed,
And sadly, there’s nowhere to hide.

Now manic is manic,
A horse full of panic,
His mind is tyrannic,
His moods are volcanic,
As a jockey you grip,
But you can’t use the whip,
So you’re sitting astride the titanic.

A rein for a rein,
It’s becoming insane,
The gallop a drain,
You are fighting in vain,
Head in distress,
Your hands are a mess,
Is it really worth all of the pain.

An eye for an eye,
Your horse starts to shy,
Your ass in the sky,
As you kiss it goodbye,
You land in a heap,
Too exhausted to weep,
And it’s here that you think you might die.

A mount for a mount,
Too tired to count,
Too hard to surmount,
I want to dismount,
But the ride isn’t done,
‘Twas voted as fun,
I’m demanding a proper recount.

A jockey, A jockey,
‘Twas feeling all cocky,
The ride became rocky,
But I remained stocky,
The excitement now stale,
Knocked the wind from my sail,
But I kept myself free of the chocky.

A force is a force,
Of course, of course,
Unless it’s a force,
On a manic discourse,
I fell for a while,
But I rose with a smile,
For I conquered the mania horse.

© The Complicated Bunny – 10 March 2021

4 thoughts on “The Mania Horse

  1. This really hits deep. I can feel that shared experience with you down in my bones—like I cannot physically stop because my brain won’t let me. “Twas voted as fun, I’m demanding a proper recount.” So good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Sam, really appreciate your feedback. Having been bucked off many a horse it’s definitely a fitting analogy for mania.


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