The Rapid Cycler

Rapid, rapid, spinning fast,
Feel as if my life won’t last,
Too much anguish, too much pain,
Too much torture to remain,
Caught inside a living hell,
Darkness holding deep its spell,
Choking life from whence it came,
I do not know why I remain,
Locked in sadness, locked in fright,
Too scared of day, too scared of night,
I cry but hear the swallowed sound,
Of bitter anguish all around,
Let go of me or hold me tight,
Invisible, I have no might,
With which to fight, with which to fend,
I spiral downwards to the end,
They cannot see, they do not know,
The depths to which I often go,
First up then down, then in between,
My life is just a twisted dream,
I punch; I kick, with all my might,
But still I frighten of the night,
The surge of hopelessness abounds,
I fight and scream and make no sounds,
Rapid, rapid, spinning fast,
Feel as if my life won’t last,
I cry for you to make me whole,
Please purge this torture from my soul.

© The Complicated Bunny – 10 May 2008

*This poem is one from the archives I just recently came across. It was written around 18 months after I was first diagnosed with bipolar.

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