Between Heaven And Earth

In the shadows, in the silence,
This is where the demons hide,
Lurking underneath the surface,
Looking for a soul to chide,
Breeding thoughts of self destruction,
Hinting of a time to reign,
Waking triggers from their slumber,
Spooking all that does remain.

In the open, in the melody,
Is where the angels glow,
Basking in a ray of sunlight,
Looking for a heart to grow,
Spreading waves of pure enchantment,
Lifting spirits high and free,
Waking peace from every fibre,
Granting souls a place to be.

In the middle, in the here and now,
Is where my soul survives,
Fighting wars beneath the shallows,
Looking for a place to thrive,
Learning ways of self acceptance,
Walking paths that blaze ahead,
Turning cheek towards the darkness,
Squeezing hope from all the dread.

In the quiet, in the poet’s mind,
Is where these worlds collide,
Shouting whispers in a battle,
To control that great divide,
That exists amongst the turmoil,
Of a soul that holds it worth,
In the annals of a manuscript,
Between heaven and earth.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 Mar 2021

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