Insipid little ne’er do well,
Your ignorance is quite the spell,
Your eyes betray the hate you hide,
You cannot see what’s by your side.

I offer up my wounded heart,
But you are judging from the start,
Demanding proof before your stance,
Refusing me a second glance.

Acceptance isn’t quite your style,
I share my thoughts, you run a mile,
You never offer empathy,
Dismissing what you cannot see.

And yet a blind man passing by,
Can see the truth within your lie,
But you are blind to what befalls,
The human heart when torment calls.

And so I choose to hide in view,
Invisible, my illness too,
Is shadowed by a phoney front,
The truth most certainly too blunt.

I wonder if a time will come,
When you and I can be as one,
But I will not be holding breath,
The stigma will out live my death.

So you can spew your damaged speech,
My happiness is now in reach,
Invisible, my illness too,
I’ve nothing left to say to you.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 Mar 2021

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