Crash, Boom, Bang

Crash, boom, bang,
We’re here too soon,
I’m feeling like,
A freaking loon,
There’s concrete,
Running through my head,
Too quick to drop,
Too slow to dread.

I’m running sideways,
Into walls,
Crash, boom, bang,
Here come the falls,
A soul that stumbles,
To and fro,
And contemplates,
Nowhere to go.

Crash, boom, bang,
No way to be,
The darkness comes,
Before I flee,
Engulfed and trapped,
I feel the choke,
Of broken neurons,
In the smoke.

I’m frozen in,
A solemn stare,
Crash, boom, bang,
I feel the glare,
A thousand faces,
Turn their heads,
Ignoring all,
The wounds I’ve bled.

Crash, boom, bang,
I see the bough,
My life belongs to,
Here and now,
The past is pain,
The future fear,
The agony,
Is all too clear.

And when I’m stuck,
Upon that limb,
Crash, boom, bang,
I dive right in,
Beneath the burning
Sea of life,
My soul is singed
From scorn and strife.

Crash, boom, bang,
My journey lands,
Upon the pasty,
Barren lands,
Devoid of colour,
Love or joy,
Washed up,
Like a broken toy.

But I will not,
Reveal my hand,
From here on out,
I’ll make my stand,
You haven’t heard,
The last of me,
Crash, boom, bang,
I’ll stagger free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 26th Apr 2021

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