Stop, Part II

Stop over thinking,
The warning light’s blinking,
Your mind’s overloading it’s role,
Don’t follow the rabbit,
You know it’s bad habit,
That drives you toward a new hole.

Stop over looking,
Your brain is still cooking,
It cannot keep up with this ride,
The scene is reloading,
A vision foreboding,
Is tearing a gash in your side.

Stop grabbing the brake,
As you stumble and shake,
It’s over the handles you stall,
You cannot rebuke,
The thoughts that you puke,
Are setting you up for a fall.

Stop placing labels,
With cards on the table,
It’s easy to lose who you are,
Colour by numbers,
And stick to the wonders,
That mellow you out from afar.

Stop under scoring,
A life never boring,
It is what it is and it’s yours,
So what if it’s rough,
Your soul’s pretty tough,
It deals with humanity’s flaws.

So stop understating,
This life you are making,
It’s worthy of all it would seem,
I couldn’t begin,
To stifle your grin,
So go grab your Ironman dream.

© The Complicated Bunny – 20 May 2021

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