I’m searching for secrets,
And deep hidden truths,
That hide their intentions,
From my inner sleuths,
They burrow within,
Like innocuous roots,
Then surface to haunt me,
Whenever it suits.

I’m looking for reasons,
To help it make sense,
This life that I lead,
Has me stuck on the fence,
It’s two paces forward,
And twenty steps rear,
I wonder how long,
I’ll be facing this fear.

I’m yearning for balance,
To keep me afloat,
Avoiding the currents,
I’m stuck in this boat,
My spirit is sodden,
Emotions have sunk,
I’m washed up ashore,
By a turbulent funk.

I’m poised for salvation,
But not from a book,
My faith never scripted,
With anyone’s look,
I believe in my sight,
When the world becomes blind,
But of course you do realise,
I’m out of my mind.

I’m chasing a rainbow,
To colour my heart,
A sunrise, a sunset,
But where do I start,
The moments so fleeting,
That render you joy,
Erasing the grey,
Is a cheerleader’s ploy.

I’m basking in sunshine,
Whilst covered in rain,
At times my own conscience,
Near drives me insane,
I’m frozen by logic,
And melted by mood,
My humdrum conundrum,
An obstinate feud.

I’m searching for secrets,
It’s never say die,
Are they deep hidden truths,
Or just consummate lies,
Will I ever make peace,
With the splinters I feel,
Am I destined forever,
To spin on this wheel.

© The Complicated Bunny – 21 May 2021

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