Insomnia, you dirty dog,
You hover with your velvet fog,
And keep my pupils wide awake,
Forbidding sleep I must partake.

Insomnia, you monstrous beast,
Inside my weary head you feast,
And conjure ruminating sorts,
That manifest from raging thoughts.

Insomnia, you wretched pest,
What have you done with all my rest,
You creep inside my sacred space,
Then slap me hard across the face.

Insomnia, you savage brute,
You raid my dreams and steel the loot,
Then force awake a new encore,
When all I want to do is snore.

Insomnia, you rabid fiend,
Where are the stolen Z’s you gleaned,
From underneath my pillow slip,
I think I need a benzo drip.

Insomnia, you rotten swine,
Don’t make me skull a jug of wine,
My eyes are bloodshot as it is,
And it’s too cold to take a whizz.

Insomnia, you sullen weed,
I need to sleep, don’t make me plead,
The sun is rising very soon,
I’m feeling like a crazy loon.

Insomnia, you lose once more,
A night of hellish underscore,
The sheep did bolt without a peep,
And finally, I’m fast asleep.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 May 2021

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