These tears I shed,
From wounds I’ve bled,
Permit me to unload,
The dreams of past,
That tumbled fast,
All broken on the road.

These tears I fear,
That brought me here,
Are pain in liquid form,
They bring awash,
The thoughts I squash,
Tormented and forlorn.

These tears I drain,
Through much disdain,
Are toxic to the soul,
They stain my eyes,
With silent cries,
And numb my empty whole.

These tears I drop,
Won’t ever stop,
Until they wash away,
The melancholy,
Game of folly,
Curse the final say.

These tears I pour,
Within my core,
That’s broken clean in two,
Fill up the well,
That raises hell,
From bitterness I chew.

These tears I leak,
So mind can seek,
The cause of this malaise,
Are hiding blue,
To start anew,
From grey to purple haze.

These tears I pause,
To mind’s applause,
Have cleansed a way to start,
It’s time to heal,
The hurt and feel,
My poet’s weary heart.

© The Complicated Bunny – 22 May 2021

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