This Crushing Weight

This crushing weight,
Is oh so great,
I know not what to do,
But lying still,
Just brings me ill,
So I must fight the blue,
It pushes hard,
And every shard,
Does rip apart my glue,
The pain is coarse,
There’s no remorse,
I’m broken clean in two.

This nagging thought,
With cruel retort,
That chirps inside my head,
Has banished me,
Into a sea,
Of rapid spinning dread,
This toxic hell,
That I dispel,
Has left me by a thread,
Hanging here,
My wounds are clear,
From everything I bled.

This sudden spree,
Of energy,
That flows along my vein,
Has lifted,
What was sifted,
Through my battle weary brain,
It’s still not clear,
What I hold dear,
What treasure I sustain,
So hard to free,
The happy me,
From judgements that remain.

This fast decline,
Is not sublime,
In fact it runs awry,
A sudden frown,
And quickly down,
The rabbit hole I fly,
Not making sense,
My mood is tense,
But somehow I get by,
Embarrassed with,
My spoken myth,
I surface with a sigh.

This crushing weight,
That I partake,
Has got me feeling blue,
So I will write,
About my plight,
Until the day is through,
My chosen words,
Are merely verbs,
Describing the askew,
I must negate,
This crushing weight,
And bid this rhyme adieu.

© The Complicated Bunny – 25 May 2021

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