My brain is still rhyming,
My words ever climbing,
Through windows & doorways I see,
I’d almost forgotten,
The wisdom begotten,
From verse manifesting in me.

I cannot stop framing,
These thoughts still remaining,
Do come with a warning or two,
Don’t slip down the hole,
It will bury your soul,
And boil you in rabbit foot stew.

But holes can be brimming,
With consummate winning,
Depending on which way you dive,
A choice for the making,
With brilliant partaking,
Will see that you actually thrive.

So trust in the vision,
Your soul has been given,
And shuffle towards better light,
A window revealing,
The future you’re stealing,
Will summon your courage & might.

And please never waver,
Be bold with your favour,
It may be a gamble of chance,
But luck rolls the dice,
Between fire and ice,
Don’t ever relinquish the dance.

My brain is still rhyming,
My words ever climbing,
I guess that I finally see,
The windows I found,
Where the doorways abound,
Are a chance to be finally free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 27 May 2021

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