I’m stuck between worlds,
And the line that divides,
Is paved with mistrust,
Where my chivalry hides,
Is anyone’s guess,
As the rabbit hole slides,
I’m an ace between worlds,
And the joker presides.

I’m stuck in the middle,
Of pleasure and pain,
Emotions are writhing,
Perception takes aim,
Where chaos and calm,
Grant you nothing but blame,
I’m a pawn on the board,
Being screwed by the game.

I’m stuck between wars,
Do I hasten to fight,
Have my deeds tempted fate,
And propelled me to flight,
Am I caught in a fog,
Of some troublesome plight,
Tormented by shadows,
And driven by fright.

I’m stuck by reality,
Walls closing fast,
Too damaged to conquer,
Too broken to last,
Forever in turmoil,
My mind all aghast,
Frustrated by anger,
Still trapped in the past.

I’m stuck between truth,
And a narcissist’s guise,
My freedom does lurch,
Between bullshit and lies,
Their nonsense abounds,
With a deluge of spies,
I may suffer the lows,
But I long for the highs.

I’m stuck by insanity,
Madness has won,
For lack of a future,
Normalities spun,
A web of deception,
That pulls me undone,
Stability cursing,
An unending pun.

I’m stuck between worlds,
And there is no escape,
Just a mindful incursion,
That pushes debate,
Can my future show promise,
Will torment abate,
I’m stuck between worlds,
But I make my own fate.

© The Complicated Bunny – 01 Jun 2021

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