Run Bunny Run

Run bunny run,
It’s your moment in the sun,
Just move your feet,
No fast retreat,
So run bunny run.

Ride bunny ride,
Feel the passion deep inside,
Just spin your legs,
Your future begs,
So ride bunny ride.

Swim bunny swim,
Motivate your every limb,
Just churn the pace,
With flowing grace,
So swim bunny swim.

Eat bunny eat,
Plant based nutrients are sweet,
You’ve made the switch,
To scratch that itch,
So eat bunny eat,

Train bunny train,
Ironman is not insane,
Just focus bliss,
You will do this,
So train bunny train.

Race bunny race,
Duly capture what you chase,
It’s time to shine,
Go cross that line,
So race bunny race.

© The Complicated Bunny – 12 Jun 2021

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