You laugh because I’m different,
But to me you’re all the same,
I laugh because your bigotry,
Is really what’s to blame,
You think I am a loser,
But we know if truth be told,
I play the cards I’m dealt in life,
But you’re so weak you fold.

You talk with such authority,
My feelings are dismissed,
Apparently you know it all,
But facts are sorely missed,
I may not be important,
But your lies I plainly see,
You may well be my brother,
But your blood is dead to me.

You praise yourself in chorus,
But your loyalties are marred,
You’re too concerned with self,
To clean the crap in your backyard,
I know I’m not perfection,
But I grant you where I sit,
The smell is coming thick and fast,
It wafts with your bullshit.

You act all high and mighty,
But you’re stuck under the thumb,
I find it quite amusing,
When you quantify your sum,
Of being so amazing,
What a treat to share a space,
With someone void of empathy,
And ever loving grace.

You only take an interest,
When there’s something that you need,
I’ve been a decent sister,
And I’ve choked upon your creed,
Of being there for others,
With your altruistic goal,
What a pity your support is null,
For this one tortured soul.

So take your DNA and shove it,
Where the sun don’t shine,
I’ve saved myself from crisis,
Every single bloody time,
You may still push my buttons,
So enjoy my agony,
Cause in the end, when all is done,
My truth will set me free.

© The Complicated Bunny – 13 Jun 2021

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