I’m 52 and questioning,
This life I’ve always led,
A girl, but not a woman,
Nor a man, it must be said,
A gender which society,
Deems binary in scale,
But I am learning spectrums,
And I find I must set sail.

Toward some new horizons,
That the world considers queer,
But I am not an orphan,
On this journey, that is clear,
I’m finally embracing,
What it feels like to be free,
Not bound by any chains,
Nor any rules to pigeon me.

My life is mine to live,
And I will live as I see fit,
My gender being fluid,
My identity now lit,
To shoot across the sky,
Just like a rainbow after rain,
Respect the girl within,
By letting go of bitter pain.

Embrace the soul that lingers,
For its wings were never broke,
The sense of self that cowered,
Aptly found its voice and spoke,
You cannot live a life of lies,
Expecting pain to heal,
The truth will always set you free,
It’s time for its reveal.

And so I will come out and say,
With comfort ever more,
The person so confused by life,
Has evened up the score,
A soul once so conflicted,
Never feeling love nor wealth,
Just needed to be healed,
With an authentic sense of self.

© The Complicated Bunny – 17 Jul 2021

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